The article by Heba Hashem in NewEnergyUpdate:CSP presents several projects with new anti-soiling, mirror monitoring and power block cooling technologies with the aim to reduce water usage as CSP.

MinWaterCSP gave insights to our approach:
The MinWaterCSP research group is developing new technologies to optimize cleaning processes and minimize water use. The three-year MinWaterCSP project is also receiving funding under the EU Horizon 2020 program and current projects include the development of new soiling measurement devices. MinWaterCSP partner Fraunhofer ISE (Germany) and commercial partner Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) are working with mirror-maintenance specialists ECILIMP Termosolar to integrate a fully automated soiling reader into ECILIMP’s cleaning systems.The pFlex portable reflectometer measures soiling on parabolic trough fields, heliostats and linear Fresnel collectors and is operated via a smartphone user interface.

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