The MinWaterCSP project has the ambition to ensure that project results are developed in a way that their use beyond the project is maximized. Project results shall be of benefit, create business opportunities for the project partners and make it to the market.

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For achieving this, the partner Steinbeis 2i GmbH|Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (S2i) – who has the role of the exploitation manager in MinWaterCSP – is implementing a methodology to keep on track the developments in exploitation potential of project results, IPR handling and business plan development. The role of S2i is to constantly keep an eye and raise awareness on partner´s different concerns and interests, identify potential conflict of interests regarding project results, settle the path for potential solutions and generally strengthen the bridge between project results and exploitation of them in academic or commercial way.

The methodology includes a series of internal consortium workshops. During the two-day meeting at the premises of Kelvion Holding in Bochum in January 2017, S2i held the second exploitation workshop with the partners with the focus on identifying the exploitation and ownership claims on all results with exploitation potential. This is the basis for future detection of results which contain conflict of interests. With an early detection of probable conflicts, blockages which may hinder project results to be exploited can be removed early enough in the project life time.

Author of this blog is: Maria Kourti, Steinbeis 2i GmbH


About Steinbeis 2i GmbH | Steinbeis Europa Zentrum:

S2i is supporting R&D institutions, Universities and industry, expecially SMEs in the fields of technology transfer, promotion of exploitable European research results and innovation capacity building. As the S2i is experienced in administrative and financial coordination, in dissemination and exploitation of project results. It has the role to enable knowledge transfer between the partners and enable exploitation activities. Further S2i supports the technical coordination in administrative and financial functions.

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