Technology  background

The hybrid dephlegmator technology for air-cooled condensers, incorporating deluge cooling, is developed during the MinWaterCSP project. Air-cooled condensers are part of the steam cycle of a CSP plant and the purpose of added deluge cooling in a hybrid dephlegmator is to enhance cooling capacity at high ambient temperatures. Any deluge cooling can be prone to fouling or scaling and the effect of fouling and scaling on heat transfer needs to be investigated and quantified.

The fouling test rig

A fouling test rig was designed and constructed as part of a MinWaterCSP work package for the purpose of investigating fouling and scaling. The project partners ENEXIO Germany and Kelvion Thermal Solutions (South Africa) had the responsibility for the design process. Fabrication was done by TFD Design (Pty) Ltd of Stellenbosch (South Africa) while coordination was done by Dr. Francois Louw of Kelvion Thermal Solutions.

Figure 1: The fouling test rig graphical design.
Figure 2: The fouling test rig installed in the Green Energy Park, Morocco.

Shipping of the test facility started at Cape Town, South Africa in March 2017 and arrived at Green Energy Park, Ben Guerir, Morocco in May 2017.

The designed and installed test facility is shown in the following three figures.

At IRESEN El Ghali Benounna, Amine Kharoub, Ammar Mouaky, Afaf Zaza took responsibility for the installation and commissioning of the test rig. They will also be responsible to execute the test program scheduled until November 2018.



Figure 3: The fouling test rig installed and in operation; The relative positions of the demineralized water production plant and blow down tanks are also visible.

Visiting the demonstration and experimental site

In May this year the Project Coordinator of MinWaterCSP Dr. Falk Mohasseb of Kelvion Holding GmbH and the Technical Coordinator Dr. Albert Zapke of ENEXIO Management GmbH visited Green Energy Park, where the representatives successfully demonstrated the operation of the fouling test rig.
We would like to thank all work package team members for this achievement.

The MinWaterCSP impact

Through the introduction of novel hybrid dry/wet cooling technology MinWaterCSP aims to increase the net annual power output of dry-cooled CSP plants by up to 2% and reduce the water consumed for cooling by 75 to 95% relative to wet only cooling systems, while not increasing the capital cost above the level required by current cooling technologies.

MinWaterCSP’s involved team members in this activity:

From the top left to the bottom right: El Ghali Bennouna (IRESEN), Francois Louw (Kelvion TS), PhD Falk Mohasseb (Kelvion Holding), Afaf Zaza (IRESEN), Ammar Mouaky (IRESEN), PhD Albert Zapke (ENEXIO Mgt.)

The complete MinWaterCSP Team:

Author of this blog is: Albert Zapke, ENEXIO Management GmbH


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