ecilimp_cleaning-truckECILIMP is developing new cleaning technics and new hardware to reduce the actual water consumption in CSP plants. These improvements will allow ECILIMP to play better services and make so much more competitive inside the CSP market.

Inside the MinWaterCSP project, ECILIMP will design their new cleaning tools using the best materials and the best technology in order to make a light cleaning tool with a great control program. So, the cleaning truck operators will manage the vehicle in a very easy way.


Please visit our website for further details on our MinWaterCSP technologies:

About ECILIMP Termosolar:
ECILIMP Termosolar has been specialized in the cleaning of heliostats and parabolic troughs, and their maintenance, ensuring optimal cleaning factors for the production of solar thermal plants, especially for CSP applications. ECILIMP, through its main customer (Torresol), will prepare visits and demonstrations. They will also use the facilities of Torresol in order to perform their on-the-field tests.
Javier García is the project manager from ECILIMP. He is also co-owner and he is in a very good position due to he makes commercial activities and know the Spanish CSP market deeply.
For ECILIMP this project will open an international new opportunity due to they will be very competitive in the CSP countries, where the water consumption is lower than in Spain.

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