Linear Fresnel collectors are used in a variety of solar thermal applications

The easiness of installation on rooftops and their compact footprint, smaller than other solar concentrating technologies make them an ideal solution for few MW-scale electricity generation and industrial process heat systems (such as process steam).
Depending on the project location, soiling can reduce the thermal output very fast, decreasing the benefits for the plant owner.
In order to overcome such limitations, Soltigua is developing innovative cleaning solutions within the EU-financed MinwaterCSP research project. The new devices will reduce cleaning time and limit the amount of water consumed in the process. A wheeled cleaning robot will move along each mirror line carrying the cleaning water, and it will quickly shift from one line to the other. As far as the receiver is concerned, an operator will be able to clean it, which lays at a height of 5 meter, directly from the ground.

Soltigua will soon be able to offer to its customers a more integrated solution, which considers the lifetime management of its products, strengthening its technological and innovation leadership.
The reduction of cleaning water usage contributes to MinWaterCSP’s overall goal to improve water management for CSP projects.

Receiver cleaning prototype

Receiver cleaning prototype

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Soltigua is an Italian SME manufacturing small scale solar concentrating collectors for distributed energy generation, such as industrial process heat, solar cooling and small scale CSP plants (a few MWe). Soltigua has successfully developed projects across 4 continents and is renowned for the technological leadership of its products.

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