Stellenbosch full scale test facility


Certain aspects of the hybrid (deluge) cooling system requires testing at a full scale to verify the functionality of the system, introduce   modifications and demonstrate the hybrid concept.  Hence, a full scale test facility will be erected on a site located at the University of Stellenbosch allowing the testing of the two main sub-components, being:



  • A 7.315 m (24 ft) diameter axial flow fan: This fan is presently under development to obtain a high design point efficiency and low noise.  Measurements will be conducted to obtain the fan aerodynamic performance as well as to determine the dynamic blade loading and its interaction with the rest of the facility.
  • A deluge water circulation system: This system is presently being designed and will be installed to prove the concept on full scale. Investigations would involve modifications to existing and novel spray frame designs that would ensure proper wetting and suitable flow distributions across the deluged tube bundles.  Furthermore, the effectiveness of a unique water capturing system below the deluge bundle will also be determined.
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