Dr. Falk Mohasseb
R&D Director
Tim Schröder
Project Manager
Christian Stellinger
Project Engineer
Dr. Albert Zapke
Global Head of Technology / R&D
Dr. Francois Louw
Project Engineer
Kathrin Eckerlin
Project Consultant
Charlotte Schlicke
Senior Project Manager
Maria Kourti
Maria Kourti
Project Manager
Dr. Riaan Terblanche
Project Engineer
Dr. Danie Els
Senior Lecturer Design Divison
Prof. Johan van der Spuy
Associate Professor Mech. Eng.
Prof. Maarten Kamper
Professor Elect. Eng.
Prof. Rong-Jie Wang
Associate Professor Electr. Eng.
Dr. Chris Meyer
Co-owner of Notus
Hans van Kamp
Co-owner of Notus
Dr. Thomas Fluri
Head Research Group STPP
Dipl.-Ing. Anna Heimsath
Engineer & Researcher
Hannes Fugmann
PhD Student
Dr.-Ing. Joachim Went
Researcher Solar Water Treatment
Dr. Lena Schnabel
Head of Sorption Technology - CD
Shahab Rohani
Junior Researcher
Javier García Pérez Ainsua
Cleaning Manager & Co-owner Termosolar
El Ghali Bennouna
Head of Thermal Systems Unit
Afaf Zaza
PhD Student
Dr. Ahmed Alami Merrouni
R&D Soiling & Cleaning
Abdellatif Ghennioui
Head of Modelling Unit
Ammar Mouaky
Thermal Systems Engineer
Vittorio Orioli
R&D Director
Prof. Alessandro Corsini
Associate Professor Energy Sys.
Dr. Giovanni Delibra
Researcher Turbomachinery
Luca Ancarani
Mechanical Engineer
Alessio Castorrini
PhD Student
David Volponi
PhD Student
Dr. Lucio Cardillo
Research Fellow
Tommaso Bonanni
PhD Student
Stephan Krafzik
Lead Engineer
Alexander Scholz
Director Engineering and Erection
Ir. Ron Gerards
VP Technology
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